What Your App Can Do For You

All Hoteliers today are aware of the massive shift to mobile devices. The larger companies saw this trend years ago and all have embraced it by developing a mobile application (app) for their properties…the ROI has been impressive! Unfortunately for independent hoteliers building an app is cost prohibitive as it is for franchisees to create a “Vanity App” for their properties. This high cost has kept most independent and franchised hoteliers from utilizing the obvious benefits of both a mobile website and an app which has given large brands quite an advantage.

To create an app from scratch requires enormous fees, everything from the initial design, development, coding, technical testing, and content creation. After hiring a highly-rated, quality app development company, you can plan on investing $40,000 to well over $70,000 and beyond. Resort Applications International, Inc. has developed a method whereby we create a mobile app for your hotel AND we bear the burden of the investment of your custom app. Your investment is a one-time setup charge with a small monthly hosting and maintenance fee, as we manage the constant updates from Apple and Google for you.

We can state in full confidence that your property’s app from Resort Applications International, Inc. has the functions and features that will be beneficial to your guests. Your app, through Resort Applications International, Inc., not only gives guests a more convenient and personal method of delivering all the information about your property but it also provides all the information about your area as the “Area Info” section on your app is powered behind the scenes by Google. Check out the 12 Benefits page to learn more.

Even if your company had the budget to create an app how are you going to get your guests to download it? Resort Applications International, Inc. has a created a very simple and practical method of assuring your hotel’s app is downloaded onto virtually every device that comes through your doors.

Whatever size your hotel and regardless of its ratings, you as a hotelier should embrace any new technology, especially one so well proven in the marketplace, that will help generate revenue and extend your brand via new channels, all the while providing added convenience and better interaction with your guests. Why wouldn’t you want to increase your direct bookings, guest loyalty, and improve brand recognition for your property and provide your guests with a higher overall image of your company?

Soon, based on the incredible growth of mobile devices nearly all companies in the hospitality industry will have a mobile app. Resort Applications International, Inc. can bring this technology to your property now. By having your own app now you are utilizing the technology that your guests have come to rely on for information and use for communication… their smartphone. Hoteliers and app creators will continue to create innovative new ways to better utilize hotel apps and by having your own app today your company will already be in a position to take advantage of these newly created innovations.

Most importantly your personalized hotel app creates a whole new communication channel allowing you to connect with your guests before, during, and after their stay in a way no other medium can. You can even post real-time messages and announce special events at the hotel, or promote last minute deals guests can use while on property and more, all enhancing your guests’ stay.

Resort Applications International Inc. has created this innovative, low-risk, minimal investment mobile app platform to serve as a gateway to your mobile marketing efforts and furthermore will open up a realm of future possibilities for your company. Let us get started today.


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