What Is A Concierge App?

What is a Concierge App?

What is a concierge app and how does it benefit you and your business?

A concierge app is software that is equivalent to having a personal assistant in your pocket within the travel and hospitality business. It utilizes artificial intelligence and familiar chat interfaces as well as offering mobile users access to information and services in just seconds. The personal concierge app provides increased accessibility and convenience to compliment your hotel app.

There are three major concierge apps: the travel concierge app, the personal concierge app and the mobile app for hotel.

The Hotel App allows you to book your reservation as well as gives you quick and easy access to information about hotel services. Hotel apps keep users in touch with any special offers, discounts, promotions and events taking place in the hotel. Hotel apps can also offer an integrated payment system.

The Travel Concierge App serves as your personal travel agent. Travel Concierge Apps provide you with info about events and entertainment nearby, the best restaurants to dine in and the best places to visit. Travel Concierge apps let you make your reservations and provide information on the most convenient travel routes.

The Personal Concierge App is like having a personal assistant in your pocket. Personal Concierge apps serve as your own personal hotel receptionist. These apps provide you with price rates, room availability and customer service.

Why should you use a concierge app?

–Easily make your reservations

–Instant access to hotel amenities

–Find the best places to dine, the best sights to see and more

–24/7 live chats with customer support

–Secure payment options

–Timely reminders

–Keep up-to-date on special offers and events

–Self service; i.e.: self check-in and check-out

–GPS Navigation

How does a concierge app benefit you and your business?

Today’s consumers demand convenience and speed above all else. Concierge apps offer just that by expanding your business’ reach to customers who are strictly mobile reliant and tech savvy, as well as, improve and strengthen customer loyalty and heighten your brand’s visibility. Concierge apps make your business more accessible and gives you the tools necessary to successfully compete in today’s market.