Welcome To The Digital Era

Welcome to the Digital Era

Having the Edge over Your Competitors

Even though this is the age of technology, there still seems to be some resistance from hotels to have an app created. It would definitely make life easier for the mobile-dependent user.

Many hotels have made the first step by making their sites mobile ready and even utilizing Facebook and online booking, yet, still haven’t made the leap to providing a mobile apps for their customers.

Out of all the hotels, only a fraction of them have stepped into the digital era. That means those hotels have a great advantage over their competition.

Most people, in this digital era, use their smartphones and Ipads for everything – from shopping online, watching streams, playing games to bookings. So why the hesitancy with the bulk of the hotels out there to create an app? They are truly missing out on the market.

Below are just a few reasons why hotels should have their own app:

  1. Once the app is downloaded, a person has access to the hotel, as though they were there live. Someone can book their reservation in a few clicks. The app is time saving and makes the process pleasurable.
  2. Data is a powerful tool. It helps to predict accurate strategies when developing pricing. It will also help keep you informed on what your customer’s preferences are while booking their reservation and during their stay. It will also help you keep track of guest information. All at the touch of a finger.
  3. Business awareness. Every smartphone and Iphone has apps. So, if your app is downloaded, it will be seen every day and will be top choice in booking a reservation or being referred to.
  4. Is the app just used for booking? Not at all. Customers can book their reservation, order services, choose upgrades, make purchases, communicate with the front desk, view hotel events and specials and more. Instantly.

Does this just benefit the customer? Not at all. The hotel can keep guests and future guest up-to-date on special promotions, important announcements, and alerts, to name a few. It can be automated or done on the spot.

  1. Integration is easy and have positive effects for your hotel. Apps can be integrated with social media, as well as many other different forms of communication. It’s another effective way to keep people updated about your hotel in the digital era.
  2. Interactive map. The app can provide a map to keep your guests from getting lost. It can also recommend where to go, what to see, where to eat, where the hot spots are and more. Major bonus and the information is instant.
  3. Feedback. Guests can provide feedback right on the spot. If it is bad feedback, you have the ability to rectify it and make it better, resulting in better feedback.

There are many more reasons why a hotel should have its own app. Those listed above are some keys points. This is the digital age and hotels need to keep up or they just might sink into the abyss of technology.