Put Your Hotel On The Map

Put Your Hotel on the Map

Mobile App Design That Can Put Your Hotel on the Map

In today’s world, booking apps for hotels are critical for catering to a diverse group of people. The eTravel industry is experiencing unprecedented and phenomenal growth. Companies that have set the standard include Booking.com and Airbnb. Each year, the global hotel industry generates more than half a trillion dollars in revenue. The industry bases its business on offering optimal services and utilizing hotel apps that can enhance customer reach. There is a lot that goes into designing a hotel app.

Hotels that develop apps can benefit their business and travelers. It makes travel easier when customers can get all their information from one location and under one roof. Hotels benefit when users do not have to consult other sites. Consider the following benefits of a hotel booking app:

  • An app can enhance the customer’s reservation experience. Customers can shop and book months ahead of their stay. It helps hotel owners to maximize services and operations.
  • An app can help hoteliers to track customers and collect valuable data and vital information.
  • Marketing is essential for any hotel chain or establishment to compete. Brand awareness is essential for success. With all the competition, there is little margin for error. Hoteliers have to stay on their toes at all times. An app streamlines the process.
  • A hotel booking app allows hoteliers to provide cost effective optimal services. Users of the app can continually receive information. The booking process becomes far more efficient where hoteliers can provide discounts and other offers.
  • An app can also help establish greater communication between the customer and hotel. Customers feel the bond on a more personal level. Hotel customer service representatives can work directly with customers and handle all queries.
  • Hotels often cater to people from around the world. An app has the capability of addressing any language problems when people travel abroad.
  • All travelers expect to access information about their destination. Tourists can locate the best shopping venues, best restaurants, and best entertainment options. Customers can access all of this information directly from your app.
  • Your hotel app can also collect customer feedback and insightful reviews. It is important to know if they value the services or if there is anything that can improve.
  • While mobile apps are common, there is still plenty of room for hotel apps. Hoteliers can take advantage to gain an advantage over the competition. Customer demand for apps is high and shows no signs of letting up.

The Growth of Online Travel

Online travel experiences steady year-over-year growth, and it happens to be the world’s fasted growing sector. Eighty percent of all reservations happen via mobile phone, and these are usually last-minute. Forty-five percent of online travel agency bookings happen with a mobile device.

Mobile booking conversions are five times higher than other bookings. Several major industry players use apps extensively. These include Airbnb, Marriot Rewards, Booking.com., Trip.com., Hilton Honors, and more. Of course, booking apps can work just as well for small hotels as they do for large ones.

What Your App Should Address

During the planning stage, there are a number of things you should consider that can make your app design a winning choice:

  • Consider choosing the right booking app type. There are online travel agency apps that place focus on booking hotels, car rentals, and flights etc.
  • There are hotel aggregator apps that place focus on aggregating hotel data.
  • Then there are hotel apps designed for chains or a specific hotel. These apps only allow for booking a room inside a particular hotel or chain. Marriot Rewards is an example.

Plan Your App’s Design Around a Destination Area

You get to choose whether your app will address worldwide or local booking. Of course, worldwide coverage design can take time and become a considerable financial investment. Starting with a local market can save time and money. It can also help hoteliers to gain insights if they decide to scale up at a later date.

Offer a Unique Value Proposition

People respond favorably to UVPs. You may want to consider offering a booking deal for last-minute bookers. Or, consider offering cheap booking options for those who are just looking for a comfortable place to rest their heads after long city walks. There are millions of low-cost travelers looking to book. Airbnb has made room sharing popular. Short stays are popular where people do not plan to stay for more than one night. Offer one-day booking at a reduced price.

Include an Admin Panel

Every app requires a system whereby it can be smoothly managed. Admin panel is an important element of any app for booking hotels stays. Without a well-thought-out booking solution, it would be impossible keep track of listings and critical data. This is the data that hoteliers use to reach booking prospects. You will need to consider the cost of creating the user-facing parts of the app along with infrastructure and other related expenses.

Choosing App Features 

Your app features can lead to success or failure with respect to a highly competitive market. Consider the following suggestions.

1. Analyze the online travel market. You can gain a ton of information and develop niche ideas.

2. Create a list of competitors and analyze their websites and offerings.

3. Consider your service area. Start local and scale up in time.

4. Create a unique value proposition that caters to your market.

5. Take into considerable time and effort to make sure your development company captures your vision. Be involved in the process from beginning to end. However, give them the creative room they need to deliver.

Registration for New Users

A new user registration is a basic feature for almost any app. This allows users to use the app’s core functionality as a guest without having to register. This feature can actually increase conversion rates. Also, design the app with several registration options and offer access through email or social media account passwords. This can help expand your user base. Include all the important fields on the screen for relevant data.

Visualize Search Results

In addition to using the right search engine, consider visualizing search results. Why not show available accommodations on a map? This could help users to make a better-informed decision. It allows for a better user experience. Allow users to see a photo gallery, map, pricing details, hotel facilities, and basic hotel information. Include a sharing button and allows access to customer reviews.

Include any information that you think can enhance the user’s experience. Include a screen where users can view all the information regarding their stay. Provide confirmation details.

Include a Cancellation Policy

Users feel comfortable knowing they can cancel their booking if an emergency should arise. Offer a flexible cancellation policy. It just makes good business sense. Your app designer can also walk your through nuances of creating other feature like suggestion engines, availability and price forecasting, language detection, currency exchange, in-app messaging, and push notifications etc.

Where to Start

Schedule a consultation with your digital media marketing agency and work with the professionals who can cover all the bases of your app and its design. They will conduct a thorough analysis of your business and marketing needs. Partner with professionals who can get the job done.