Mobile Apps – A Hotel Necessity

Mobile Apps – A Hotel Necessity

Why a Mobile App is a Necessity for Your Hotel

Hotels have been an important factor of traveling, whether it be for business, vacation, or any family matter. In this developing age of technology, we reach closer to communication via our mobile devices, but many hotels miss out on an important feature that can be used to make time spent at their establishments easier and more comfortable. The use of an application of a smartphone, or more colloquially termed as an “app,” has become a major part of our modern society. There are apps for ordering food, messaging friends, finding directions, looking for dates, and many others. The use of an app for the hotel industry would improve upon many factors, and enhance the experience their customers feel once they visit.

A smartphone application could make communication between hotel staff and guests easier. If a problem arises and they need quick service to their rooms, the touch of a button could provide a more comfortable response rather than pulling out a phone book from the room’s nightstand, having to flip through it, and also figure out the outdated machine typically hooked up on the table. If room service is needed, there could also be a section of the app where orders are made to each room and, as a bonus, what time they should be delivered. Customers traveling, especially from far and different countries, don’t want to waste their time finding out how complicated machines work when the option to make it all available in their own phone is open.

The application could also be a way to inform guests of events happening in the hotel, if it’s a part of a resort or special establishment. Children enjoy activities at all hours, and being able to inform all guests that a playground, pool, special meet-up, or even a beach luau is available, is important as a way to give parents their time to relax. If the resort has a spa attachment, the app could also send notifications of any special deals or packages for the day if a traveler has decided to spend the day residing in the hotel.

Many guests get lost when they’ve never visited a new hotel before, especially a large one. If you add a map to the app with a compass to hone in on the guest’s location, guests could find their way to their rooms easier so they don’t spend a large amount of time carrying their luggage back and forth from mistaken room to mistaken room. The map also could entail directions to any restaurants and gift shops that are available for the guests to spend time in. This way, a hotel owner would find more revenue in customers visiting the shops and restaurants more often.

Smartphone applications have provided many customers a wonderful experience while visiting new places. A hotel of any variation would greatly find an improvement in business with using one of the most up-to-date features any person has available to them on modern mobile devices. Missing out on this new development could be costly, and those who do partake in it find themselves a business with boosted revenue, customer satisfaction, and hotels that become a part of many traveler’s annual experiences.