12 Benefits of Creating An App

Hotel Concierge App - Resort Apps InternationalMaking reservations via mobile phones, tablets and laptops are on the rise and the demand for such apps is increasing. With today’s technology, people can search for their perfect reservations; such as, last-minute deals, curate concierge services, and video talking with customer service, to name a few; utilizing a user-friendly hotel mobile app.

This also benefits the hotel industry. These apps open their doors to a wider spectrum of customers, as today, these alternate distribution channels are necessary for reaching the mobile-reliant consumer.

A major shift in how travelers are planning and booking accommodations is on the rise and the best concierge app will meet these demands, offering a diverse marketplace so that travelers can find everything from pay-by-the hour hotel rooms to longer stay vacations.

As the preferred method of booking continues to grow, these niche platforms will also continue to grow. The hotel industry, in a whole, gains more exposure by offering alternative options to meet the traveling needs for today’s mobile friendly lifestyle.

Technology plays a huge role in shaping that home away from home experience. Consumers want to make the hotel experience as comfortable and as hassle-free as possible.

The majority of today’s travelers are self-sufficient, tech-savvy and are comfortable using apps or mobile websites. Hotels need to make sure they are keeping up-to-date and user-friendly. Travelers expect hotels to have high quality tech equipment and a knowledgeable staff.

Seamless connectivity across multiple platforms and devices is growing exponentially. Many hotels are offering mobile check-in and the best digital concierge service apps. Many travelers seem to prefer technology to human interaction. They would not mind if a robot delivered their room service.

Many hotel mobile apps integrate their booking systems providing a seamless and flawless reservation process. Push notifications should be utilized as well as in-app messaging to remind your guests about their bookings and provide valuable information regarding their trip. When integrated with the hotel’s booking system, requests can be managed with forms, making it possible for hotel staff to get requests automatically and have charges applied directly to the guest account. The extra step of automation will be greatly favored by your guests.

An app for hotels is a necessity for many travelers, as their personal concierge is only a tap away, ready to answer any questions, or provide a personalized service request, such as spa services. A hotel app can recommend things to do, places to eat, offer transportation tips and provide maps to a guest’s destination and back again.

Hotel mobile apps let your brand get closer to your customers, increases your brands notoriety, its loyalty base and its revenues. Your hotel app would give your guests a unique experience utilizing the technology everyone has in the palm of their hands.

The market for mobile apps is growing by leaps and bounds, and it’s going to get even bigger. If your business does not yet have a mobile app, maybe it’s time to consider acquiring one. Please consider carefully the following well-documented benefits of your property having its own mobile app:


12 Benefits of Creating An App

More Direct Reservations

Once you have acquired a new guest, especially one from an Online Travel Agent (OTA) we want to encourage them to rebook using your hotels’ app by offering them a special rate they can only receive from making the booking through your app.

Increased F&B Sales

If your property has a restaurant and/or bar, your app will drive added sales by notifying guests of dinner or lunch specials.

Eliminate Multiple Platforms

Why use several different programs like a guest messaging program and a feedback program which only perform one function and are not integrated when a mobile app provides a minimum of a dozen functions all in one platform?

Better Guest Communication

An app provides a convenient and widely used method for your guests to communicate and interact with your hotel. You can immediately react to questions, requests or feedback by utilizing IM (Instant Messaging) which, for many of today’s travelers, is their preferred method of communication.

Increased Social Media Activity

Your app provides yet another gateway to your company’s and your guests’ social media accounts.

More and Better Reviews

Increase the amount and quality of the reviews your property receives by providing a convenient, right under their thumb link, to your “Write A Review” TripAdvisor page.

Competitive Advantage

By providing your guests with an app, you can create an important competitive advantage over properties that have not yet launched one, as the demand on the customer side is high, but the percentage of independent properties that offer apps are low.

Prestige and Image

It is mostly subconscious, but the image your guests have of your company is immediately elevated and strengthened by the convenience you’ve provided with your app.

Strengthen Brand Loyalty

Providing a comprehensive app for your guests clearly communicates to them you care about them and their stay at your property. You can create or integrate a guest loyalty program (GLP) where hotel guests can collect points for their bookings and hotel stays, which can then be changed into rewards.

Building Long-Term Relationships

Keep in contact with your previous guests. The better the relationship with your guests, the more they are likely to recommend you to their colleagues, friends and family members. Give them the reason and opportunity to book directly with your hotel again.

Mobile Check In

Your app can be used as an electronic key, providing guests easy access to their room or suite. If your company decides to utilize Bluetooth or NFC technology locks your preferred guests will be able to bypass the front desk. You will also guarantee a very high percentage of guest app downloads.

Guest Feedback

Allow your guest to send you feedback immediately, and if they choose, anonymous feedback helping to reduce negative ratings while improving hotel operations.


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