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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers you may have about your new app.


Yes. Go to either the Google Play Store for Android or the Apple AppStore and download one (or both) of our two newest apps.

Google Play App Store

On average it takes 20 to 30 business days from the date you provide us all of the content we need to create your app and get it in the Apple Apps and Google Play stores.

Very little as we will be able to cull most information needed to build your app from online sources. Email us the restaurants and activities etc, you want to recommend to your guests. We’ll take care of the rest. We will send you a list of anything needed to complete your app. Most always what we need are quality images.

Yes. Your app platform has a full CMS (Content Management System) built in and there is a free training session included on how to use it.

Yes. All smartphone devices are NFC (Near Field Communication) and Bluetooth compliant. Your app integrates with all NFC and Bluetooth lock systems that have third-party integration.

Yes. We have created the app to function on both of these platforms and will be available free of charge in the respective app stores.

Your guests want Wi-Fi, so instead of handing the code to them on a piece of paper, the code is located on your app.

No. If they do not want to download your app just hand them the piece of paper and their keys and thank them for their business.

Yes. If you have on-property F&B or retail, it is as they say, “a no-brainer.” The sales through push notifications to your guests of specials or discounts will be immediately apparent to your company’s bottom line through your POS system.

Yes. We have a very simple and effective training program for your staff. All the information from almost any question a guest could ask will be in our app thereby reducing repetitive questions to front desk staff by up to 75%.

Yes. Our number is 877-285-6768 and customer support is available 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday, EST.

Yes. The ability for you to have instant, SMS two-way communication with your guests is one of the main benefits of creating an app. Your app platform also provides the ability for the guest to send an anonymous message(s) to the front desk (i.e., there’s a mess at the pool) providing a whole new level of service to your customers.

No. Just the opposite has been proven to be true. Texts and emails ARE the preferred methods of interaction with many of today’s travelers.

Yes. They are directed through a link from your app to your reservation system, proving another proven method to increase your percentage of direct reservations.

We do. Resort Applications International takes care of all updates for you.

The only other fees would be  additional training sessions or changes to your app which $85.00 an hour invoiced in 15 minute increments. Your hosting and maintenance fee covers all Apple and Android updates as well as our constant upgrading and enhancing the platform.

Yes. Printing in-room guest directories have become cumbersome and archaic. All the information you want your guests’ to have will be on your app at your guest’s fingertips on their smartphone.

Yes. Research has proven an app reduces these questions by up to 75%, freeing up front desk personnel to handle other important tasks.

You do this by offering “Special Pricing” for repeat guests which is only available via your app. Because there are only two mobile platforms, mobile ready responsive themed websites and apps, your app is your primary way to take action in creating more direct reservations. Your app will give you the ability to leverage this fastest growing half of the mobile market. By letting your guests know they will receive a “special rate” as a return guest only by booking through your app on their mobile device, you are now taking back reservations that might otherwise go to an OTA.

Whether you are a 500-room resort or a six room B&B, the benefits of an app are identical. The only difference is the scale or amount of people using your app. The benefits you receive as a hotelier and the benefits your guests receive are the same.


For more information on how to create your hotel app solution call 877.285.6768