Engage Your Guests With Push Notifications

Engage Your Guests with Push Notifications

Push notifications can be a huge part of what a smart phone application can give to the customer in order to grant them a wonderful experience and stay at your hotel. Engage your guests with push notifications

Push notifications are a drive for your guest to partake in different aspects of your hotel. With push notifications, you can show your customers different deals, offers, and promotions happening at a souvenir shop or any other shop in your hotel’s main infrastructure. Messages don’t just have to relate to stores though, you can drive customers to purchase additional services as well with push notifications. You can also send invites or updates about special events the hotel is holding, send small messages to guests to make their day brighter, send reminders to them about previous plans they’ve made so they don’t forget, and even ask for some feedback and review to build and make a strong relationship between you and the customer.

A key to make push notifications helpful instead of annoying is timing. For example, a notification can be sent out at an appropriate time before dinner for restaurant specials. A notification can be sent out about last call for happy hour, about an hour before the drink specials come to an end.

Another factor in utilizing push notifications is frequency. If the message is information that is helpful to the guest, and sent at the appropriate time, your guests will feel like their experience at your hotel has reached a more personal level. Keep push’s to a minimum, and very targeted, so your guests don’t feel like they are being spammed by hotel messages that are not beneficial to them.

There are many ways to get involved with the customer, and one of the biggest parts of a hotel app is push notifications. They drive the customer to be a part of the hotel’s community, and guarantee you a loyal customer for years to come, provided the notifications are done correctly.