Energize Your Hotel Bookings

Energize Your Hotel Bookings

Energize Your Hotel Bookings with the RAI Hotel Concierge App

There isn’t any question that for the modern traveler, the RAI hotel concierge app is the wave of the future. Yet, is your hotel currently using the right hotel concierge software to meet the evolving technology needs of your most sought-after clients? According to recent research, the App Store will be home to over five million mobile apps by 2022. Does your hotel have a strategy to compete in this market? Furthermore, revenue in the hospitality industry surpassed $550 billion in 2016 – it’s time to carve out your share. With RAI, you will get a comprehensive and customizable hospitality applications’ platform so that you can put your hotel on your guests’ mobile devices. Keep reading to learn more.

Use an Online Concierge App to Reflect Your Brand Image

Wherever your guests go, you can be right there with them. What’s better than hanging out in your client’s pocket? Whatever your guest’s language, your app will be translated and ready to view. Contemporary consumers often perform obsessive research before making any travel reservations. With your concierge service app, you can reflect your brand while offering information on your hotel from room rates to special deals, amenities, and more.

Make it easy for your customers to book, make requests, and enjoy their vacation with a user-friendly online concierge app. It also helps to provide high-resolution pictures and videos highlighting your hotel’s best features and services from a spa to the pool, a beach, the view, and more.

Offer the Cross-Platform Experience

Today’s consumer often utilizes a cross-platform strategy for figuring out what they want. For instance, they might do research on their mobile phones about upcoming travel. Then, they continue their inquiries on their tablets. Once they have made a decision, they might make the purchase on their laptops. Driven by a digitally-connected world, the customer’s journey can take all sorts of twists and turns before a purchase is even made. What is most important is for your hotel to be right there along for the ride.

Whether a potential guest is standing in line at the grocery store, thinking about planning a vacation, or at home ready with their payment information – your app will be always by their side, ready to complete the booking. Don’t let your competitors take your hard-earned business away from your hotel. Focus on your guest’s habits, and how they make purchases in the modern marketplace. As a result, it is critical to use hotel concierge software. Not only will you enhance your guest’s experience, but an app will empower your hotel to reach a much wider audience.

Optimize Your Hotel’s Growth

There isn’t any time like the present for increasing your hotel’s sales numbers. The RAI team consists of experts in the field, and dedicated thinkers who provide cutting-edge services to improve your hotel’s mobile and online identity. Take charge of your hotel’s brand and bookings by offering a mobile concierge app which will only strengthen your brand’s guest relations and loyalty. With an app, you can then cross-sell services with an all-in-one solution. It’s time to reach out to the mobile generation by offering a personalized and seamless customer journey.

Be There for all the Touchpoints

Think of all the touchpoints your potential guests interact with before making a final decision, and then consider all the revenue-generating opportunities you might be missing when your hotel does not have a concierge service app.

Customers will perform vigorous online research, looking at prices, reviews, pictures, and more. In this regard, it’s important to have control over your hotel’s unique information. Why let other sites do your marketing for you, when you know your hotel’s offerings better than anyone else?

With a mobile app, you can control the messaging, the interactions, the branding, and the content. Your guests can feel like VIPs simply by having direct access to your hotel and all its services and amenities. Instead of relying on another service, your potential clients can get the best offers by booking directly with your hotel. This way, customers don’t have to look at a list of competing properties.

Then, there are these micro-moments, where your potential guest might be having coffee and reflexively pick up their smartphone to make an instant booking. In this micro-moment, will your app be at their fingertips to take the reservation?

In addition, you want an app that is fully integrated with your communications’ systems so that your front desk is immediately alerted of the booking. The attention spans of the digital client are shrinking. They want services, and responses, now or else they will quickly hop over to your competition.

Make Every Moment Count for Your Guests

A mobile app can offer a seamless customer experience by enabling effective interactions and communications. In terms of addressing customer requests, and any issues, your hotel needs to be proactive. You want to maximize the mobile experience so that your guest can have their needs met anywhere, at any time.

As a result, your guests can simply tap and use one-touch services to reach your restaurant, front desk, or housekeeping quickly and conveniently. With the data you receive from your guests, your hotel can then deliver on a very personalized customer experience. Imagine the impact to your overall sales if your hotel could offer real-time information about guest services and nearby attractions.

Win Your Guest’s Heart

What is the value of a satisfied, and loyal, guest? When your customers are thinking of booking a reservation, they expect a comprehensive and exciting experience. Once they arrive, they also expect to partake in user-friendly technologies. This is the opportunity to be at your guest’s service 24/7. Whether it’s poolside ordering, or express checkout, it’s vital for your hotel to offer the most innovative technologies to your guests. They will thank you for it.

Don’t Let Your Guests Slip Away

Modern travelers don’t need to speak to anyone any longer. There was a time when people used to book with travel agents, and so forth, but one does that anymore in the age of Expedia and Kayak. So, why isn’t your hotel apart of the hotel concierge app revolution? It’s time to regain control over your sales and make your guest feel like they are your number one priority.

What’s more is your app offers real-time alerts of any changes or requests so that your staff can respond in real-time. This is about creating an enthralling experience for your target client from before their reservation to after their stay. Plus, guests will then be eager to share their experiences with their social media followers too. Don’t let your hotel fall out of the market – use a customizable application platform that will keep your property at the forefront of your guests’ minds, like one created by Resort Applications International.