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Getting Your Clients to Download Your Hotel App

There will be some customers will not use a hotel’s smartphone application after you suggest it to them, and that’s just a fact. Sometimes they don’t realize how beneficial it is to their experience, either from lack of knowledge, time, or digital expertise. There are ways to curb this, through explaining of all the benefits they will have after downloading the app:

  • Customers no longer having to wait at the front desk for information since all the hotel’s information is at their fingertips
  • They can rate their hotel experience quickly and easily
  • Stay updated with special deals and events ongoing in the hotel and the area they are visiting
  • Stay in contact with the hotel even outside of its property.

Small and easy steps can be made to ensure your guests get the information they need.

For customers who need a little extra convincing, you can provide information at the check-in desk for them, offering the application as a way to get services completed quicker. The attending staff can, as he or she checks the customers in, give them a run-down of the application and mention all the wonderful points about it. If the customer seems to be in a hurry, the hotel staff member can slip a pamphlet, flyer, or little sticker about the app into the customer’s hand, when they give them the room key. Then the customer has their own time and pace to read the information and decide whether to download the app or not.

Another way to get a customer’s attention is in the hotel’s restaurant. The host or hostess have an opportunity to talk to the customers that are waiting to be seated about the mobile application, which can also, if appropriate, provide a chance to make their next reservation before they arrive to the restaurant. If customers seem agitated or uninterested, waiting staff could slip a pamphlet, flyer, or sticker in with the menu when all the customers are seated. At the table, you could have a pamphlet, or table top advert waiting and available for the customers to read or talk about while they wait for their food. When the patrons are served the food, the waiter or waitress can also provide information about the mobile application to them as he or she sets all the food onto the table. There are many opportunities for customers to be informed about your hotel’s smartphone application, and the benefits therein.