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RAI App Features & Functions

Hotel App Screenshot RAI
Hotel App Screenshot RAI

Regardless of size or type, every hotel that wants to stay competitive and remain relevant will need to embrace IoT devices, such as a hotel concierge app, to enable next-generation guest experiences in today’s digital market.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), wearable technology and Virtual Reality (VR) is in high demand when it comes to how today’s tech savvy guests search for and experience a trip. A smart hotel will have access to these technologies, such as a concierge service app, giving their guests the demand for accelerated services, personalized guest experiences, supported guest requests, preventative maintenance and improved employee productivity. A smart hotel will also offer their guest the ability for mobile and keyless check-in options, mobile key access, digital in-room controls and virtual reality for booking.

Reliable WiFi is as vital to guests as hot water and clean sheets. WiFi is a key factor for guests of all ages. Today’s modern travelers expect their whole experience, from booking to checkout, to be seamless with as little human interaction as possible. It is also essential for guest booking to include a fully automated mobile payment system with protected cyber security and multiple payment options that ensure the complete safety of guest credit card data.

Location-based services, like location awareness and Bluetooth low energy beacons, offers a seamless and flawless check-in and check-out experience. By enabling Bluetooth beacon sensors and/or the latest location-aware mobility software throughout the property, guests can instantly be recognized and registered, eliminating the need to stop at the registration desk. This service can also offer automated updates, through an online concierge app, on their room status; i.e.: room is being cleaned. The hotel app can also send automated offers for discounted food or services. The best perk is the ability to enter the hotel room without the need of a key or a swipe card. An encrypted code is sent to their phone, with their room number, the guest then holds the phone over the door sensor and the door unlocks. Other perks include, streaming personal content onto their in-room television, schedule a massage in the spa, order a beverage and navigation features.

Since your property’s app is customizable, you may choose to select certain features and functions from this list, or all of them. This is by no means a complete list and we look forward to you, your staff and your guests’ suggestions.

One thing’s for certain, the hospitality industry has a promising and exciting future if they continue to evolve with the evolution of technology.


RAI App Features & Functions

Booking Engine Link

Provide a link to your booking engine to compliment your direct reservation strategy circumventing OTA fees.

Social Media

Provide convenient links to your company’s social media platforms.


Provide a link directly to your Trip Advisor “Write a Review” page.

SMS Messaging

Stay better connected with your guests through two-way IM (instant message) communications.

Checkout & Messenging

Remind guests when it’s checkout time as well as provide mobile check out.

“In Room” Guest Directory

Provide an electronic “In Room” guest directory so your guests have your
property’s information wherever they go.

Room Ready

Notify guests when their room is ready.

In-House Reservations

Give your guests the ability to make a reservation with your restaurant, spa or any other service you provide.

Local Recommendations

Provide a section of your app for local restaurants. attractions, activities, local shopping and’s information wherever they go.


List all of your property’s amenities in one convenient mobile location.


Link to your area’s tourism department’s events page providing your guests with all your area’s current local events.

Bluetooth & NFC Locks

Your app integrates with all NFC and Bluetooth locks that permit third-party integration.


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