4 Reasons Why You Should Opt For A Mobile Application In The Hotel Business

4 Reasons Why You Should Opt for a Mobile Application in the Hotel Business

Mobile technology is evolving on each passing day along with the increasing sales of tablets and smartphones in the recent market. Nowadays, most of the people and travelers use smartphones and they tend to look for easier options to book a hotel while travelling to a certain place. In this scenario, if you opt for a feature-rich and efficient mobile app for your hotel business, undoubtedly, it would be beneficial for the guests or customers. On the other hand, with the help of increasing access to this application, a business can prosper in an exponential way. Here is a list of 4 persuasive reasons why you should devise a mobile application to acquire success in your business.

#1 Easy Communication through Multi-Channel

Multi-channel communication plays a vital role to improve the guest experience by establishing a smooth communication between the hotel and the guests. An application dedicated to the hotel industry is not simply limited to just a single channel. It offers multiple channels through which communicating with the guests or replying to the different queries of the guests becomes easier for the hotels. Such mobile applications allow integrating various communication channels like push notifications or direct social media connections.

#2 Competitive Advantage

According to a study, almost 74% hotels are aware of the fact that implementing the hotel booking process via an effective mobile app is extremely beneficial for the growth of the business in this industry. However, in reality, only ¼ of the hotels are taking the advantage of this alluring opportunity. Hence, in this scenario, if you want to stay ahead of your competitors and want a competitive advantage in the vying business market, it is advisable to opt for a dynamic mobile application. It would not only give you the opportunity to serve your guests and customers better but would help you to prosper in your business as well.

#3 Intensifying Brand Loyalty

This is an undeniable fact that offering an efficient hotel application would help you to strengthen both brand loyalty as well as customer loyalty. A potent mobile application can successfully integrate a GLP (Guest Loyalty Program) where the hotel guests would be able to collect points if they make a booking using apps. In return, the hotels can change the collected points into lucrative rewards such as special discounts and more. More interestingly, using a mobile app, guests can easily give reviews to the hotels. Thus, utilising the functions like loyalty bonuses, hotel ratings, GLP etc. would affect the customer loyalty along with strengthening the brand loyalty in a positive way.

#4 Extreme Popularity of M-Commerce

Nowadays, mobile commerce or popularly known as ‘m-commerce’ is immensely trending in the market. Shopping, ordering foods online, booking movie tickets, banking jobs – doing almost everything is possible using effective mobile applications in today’s tech-savvy era. It is not only user-friendly but provides the opportunity to reach out more people at a time creating multiple sales channels that are profitable for the business.

Thus, a potent mobile app dedicated to the hotel industry can transform the business view by streamlining and simplifying various complex processes associated with the hotel business.

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