10 Graphs That Anyone In The Hospitality Business MUST See

10 graphs that anyone in the Hospitality business MUST see

HiJiffy offers hotels a tool where guests are able to access the hotel’s Facebook Messenger and get an answer to their queries or check prices and availability. After this, consumers are able to complete the booking process within Messenger. As a conversational tool, we wanted to validate how are hotels communicating with guests before, during and after their stay, what hotels think that can be improved in the relationship between hotels and guests and what are the biggest challenges hotels are facing in terms of their online presence. With these goals in mind, we did a market research in partnership with the European Union through H2020 Fund. Our survey was launched to 76 hotel managers. Here, you can find our findings!

Frequently Asked Questions are the main reason for guests to contact the hotel prior the check-in

On the pre-arrival phase, the core motive for guests to contact the hotel are FAQs (35%) such as “What time is the check-in” or “Is there any parking?”, followed by Booking Confirmation (28%).

E-mail is the preferred medium to communicate with the hotel prior to check-in

Guests use mostly Email (54%) and Telephone (32%) to contact the hotel prior to their stay. Messaging Apps are only used by 6% of the customers as the favoured means to communicate with the property.

During their stay, guests mostly complain about maintenance. Usually, they communicate those complaints in person

Approximately one-third of the guests complain of maintenance-related problems (for example, air conditioning). Most of these complaints are made in person (42%), but more surprisingly 41% of guests choose to report complaints directly through online reviews.

Information about the hotel’s services is the main reason for guests to contact the staff while on the property. Furthermore, when in the hotel, travellers usually make requests in person.

As with the complaints, the majority of the requests made by guests are done in person (75%) and only long after is used the telephone (23%). Most of the interactions are related to obtaining more details about the services offered by the hotel. Requests for amenities such as an extra cushion or a blanket represent (35%) of the requirements made.

After the stay, guests communicate mainly through E-mail. The main reason for contacting the hotel are Lost & Founds

E-mail is, without doubt, the favourite medium to communicate with the Hotel after checking-out. The two main purposes are: contacting the property about lost items (43%) and giving feedback about their stay (38%).

Customer Care is the area the majority of Hotel Managers feels that should be improved

Ever heard: Once you get a bad recognition, it is very difficult to regain the good position? Excellent customer care is one of the keys to success in any business but is exceptionally important in the hospitality industry. Most hoteliers feel that this area should be improved (41%).

The great majority of hoteliers are satisfied with their hotel’s online presence

Surprisingly, only 5.5% said that they were unsatisfied and 2.7% very unsatisfied with their online presence.

After carrying out this survey, we’ve concluded that Hotels must start automatizing some of their processes in order to be more efficient and provide a better customer care. We have noticed that FAQs are the main reason why guests contact the hotel on the pre-arrival phase and the preferred method used is e-mail. While the main reason for guests to contact the staff during their stay is due to additional information of hotel services. All this could easily be reduced by improving the booking process to give all necessary information to guests prior to their arrival at the hotel. To reduce the number of requests made in person to the staff, hotels should automate requests such as asking for an extra pillow or bath amenities. Furthermore, hotels ought to make an effort to collect guest’s complaints before they are posted online. Indeed, chatbots are the perfect tool for the job! They increase your direct bookings, improve your customer care and are an excellent retaining tool!

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