Resort Applications International provides a comprehensive, customizable hospitality applications platform so you can put your hotel on your guests’ mobile devices.


Resort Applications International provides a comprehensive, customizable hospitality applications platform so you can put your hotel on your guests’ mobile devices.


How Hoteliers Benefit From Mobile Apps


How Are Apps Providing Hoteliers Excellent ROI?

An Excellent Accommodation App Solution

268 Billion App Downloads Estimated for 2018

Resort Applications International Inc. has created an excellent solution to the high initial expense, and constant ongoing costs and maintenance of creating your hotel’s app. We incur the cost of building and launching your app with you having only a small monthly hosting and maintenance fee, so we can take care of all IOS and Android updates for you. We are your resource for hotel concierge software.

Your hotel’s app is downloadable in the Google, Android Store and the IOS, Apple Store, providing your guests IM with your staff plus all the information about your property and your area including directions, phone and website links to all the restaurants, activities, etc. you recommend as well as a special discount, book direct with your property again link.

Why Your Business Needs A Hotel Concierge App

why you need an appA hotel concierge app, or “smartphone application,” can provide your guests a better and trendier customer satisfaction experience. A concierge is typically a hotel employee specifically tasked with the jobs of checking in and out guests, making reservations, and answering questions. By moving these tasks to a simple, one-touch tool, the process becomes easier and customers will find it a more satisfying experience.

With hotel information right at your fingertips with the concierge app, the process of arriving and checking in at the hotel is a effortless. Customers won’t be confused about check-in or check-out times, or scheduled events, when all the schedules are on the concierge service app. Making sure these schedules are updated daily is important as well, as it shows your customers that you care enough to keep everything fresh and new. The hotel concierge app can also direct guests to hotel restaurant specials, pool hours, channel listings, and more. The amount of information doesn’t have to be simplified either, with an expansive and unlimited amount of space available on the application.

The concierge app can expand off of the hotel’s own site to show local information. In fact, using the application to set reservations at restaurants and theaters or buy tickets to local shows can grant your guests a discount, giving them a reason to continue to use the application frequently. If not offering special discounts, the application can give updated schedules on any events happening in general. On your app, you can offer a page to your guests which give out links to any local restaurants, bars, nightclubs, special attractions, or convention centers and their showings/times for the week. Along with the links, a small paragraph of information can also be provided to entice guests into becoming those said destination’s newest customers.

A busy guest can be a forgetful guest, so push notifications are the best way to get your guests’ attention and back on track with essential hotel and travel information. Instead of the typical morning call that a guest may or may not receive, a notification will be sent automatically to the phone that will stay on their screen until they’ve had time to read it. The notification will only go away once it’s been read, and this can be used for more than just a reminder of checking out. You could also provide new updates on special promotions for the hotel’s restaurants such as discounts or bundles, and events happening within the hotel’s building.

In the end, using a hotel concierge application for the smartphone provides a newer, trendy look for your hotel, as it  shows guests that you are up-to-date with the latest technology. Keeping up with newer generation software will help your business stay around longer as well as provide the optimal increased customer satisfaction, no matter what day and age.

More Direct Reservations

A mobile hospitality app, coupled with a special rate, is a proven method to increase your properties percentage of direct reservations.


Increase the amount and quality of the reviews your property receives by providing a convenient, right under their thumb link, to your “Write A Review” TripAdvisor page.

Better Guest Registration

With an app, you have a proven method to stay better connected to your guests through two-way instant communication and push notifications.


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