How Mobile Technology Is Changing Travel

How Mobile Technology Is Changing Travel

Mobile technology is undeniably changing the way we live both our personal and working lives. Smartphones are making us more efficient and helping us to get tasks done quicker. Often people forget the old methods we used to find out travel information as it’s now common nature to use our phones to check such information. For example, before mobile technology most of us had to call a premium rate number to find out rail information on the go. The majority of you probably remember the automated service you are greeted with and having to wait in line to speak to a representative. Now we can use apps on our smartphones to check real-time rail information quickly, easily and at a cheaper cost.

Social networking has completely transformed the way we travel, and this social way of travelling has trickled down to our mobile devices. Many of the websites we use to find out about travel information now have their own smartphone apps, making the process of finding a hotel or booking a flight easy.

People like to access things instantly, which is why smartphones are so popular – information can be found quickly and without any hassle. Ten to fifteen years ago we’d book our holidays well in advance but now people are confident booking last minute deals because they are so easy to book and most importantly, they are affordable. Budget airlines will often allow us to travel to other side of Europe for less than travelling about by train to another city in our own country! Easyjet has embraced mobile technology with their very own app, allowing customers to book and check-in online. As well as making the booking of flights quicker and easier for customers, Easyjet are also saving themselves money by reducing the amount of airport staff.

The majority of people have a desire to learn about the places they are planning on visiting. Most of this research now takes place online usually through the medium of review websites. Tripadvisor is a popular travel website where people will check reviews on activity days, hotels and resorts – the community is always increasing and people find it a valuable source for finding information on potential destinations. Many hotel booking websites also have their own reviews including Laterooms, Lastminute and They also have their own apps to make it easy for users on the go to book into a hotel on the go, or from the comfort of their own homes.

Many airports around the world have free wifi so passengers are able to easily access flight information services, check on wait times at security checkpoints, check what time it takes to reach the departure gates and also find out about airport parking. Over 70% of frequent flyers own a smartphone and will use their mobiles to receive flight information by text or email.

As mobile and social technology is becoming more popular, more located-based services will be introduced so users can track their individual movements. Mobile technology also allows for advanced travel disruption management and quick and easy payments of flights and hotels.

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