12 Benefits of Having Your Own App

The market for mobile apps is growing in leaps and bounds, and it’s going to get even bigger. If your business does not yet have a mobile app, maybe it’s time to consider acquiring one. Please consider carefully the following well-documented benefits of your property having its own mobile app:

1. More Direct Reservations

Once you have acquired a new guest, especially one from an Online Travel Agent (OTA) we want to encourage them to rebook using your hotels app by offering them a special rate they can only receive from making the booking through your app. Even a small percentage of customers making direct reservations with your hotel’s app over the course of the year will translate into a higher profit margin. Most in the accommodations industry report a higher and growing percentage of their bookings are coming from mobile devices. An app provides another proven avenue to increase direct bookings.

2. Increased F&B Sales and Profits

If your property has a restaurant and/or bar, your app will drive added sales by notifying guests of dinner or lunch specials, beverage bargains during slow periods of the day, etc. helping keep your guests and their spending on-property.

3. Social Media

The average American spends 3.2 hours a day in social media. Your app provides yet another gateway to your company’s and your guests’ social media accounts. They can post your professionally acquired images of your property directly from your app to their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media accounts. Your app provides links to all your company’s social media platforms as well.

4. Better Guest Interaction

The hospitality industry is constantly competing to acquire better engagement with their customers. An app gives guests a new avenue to contact and interact with your hotel, and you can in turn immediately react to questions or requests by guests, providing real-time information that guests can receive on the go. From the guests’ standpoint, it is easier for many to tap on an app than to conduct a search every time they want to interact with your property. With your app, you can stay better connected to your guests through two-way push communication, as text and email are the preferred method of interaction for many of today’s travelers.

5. Competitive Advantage

Mobile apps offered by hotels are still rare. A study showed that 74% of hotels surveyed are aware of the importance of booking via a mobile app for their guests, but only 1/4 of properties are actually taking advantage of this opportunity. Therefore, by offering guests your own app, you can create an important competitive advantage over properties that have not yet launched one, as the demand on the customer side is high, but the offer on side of hotels is still low. Most companies have a mobile website, only .5% of independent companies or franchised hotels in the lodging industry have their own app, all others are missing out on this incredibly important platform with its proven added revenues and increases in guest satisfaction ratings.

6. Guest Feedback

feedbackYour app creates another avenue for guest feedback utilizing a platform people have become accustomed to using in their daily lives. The anonymous messaging feature provides a safe avenue for guest comments.

7. Reviews

trip advirosInstead of guests opening a browser, typing in “TripAdvisor” then searching for your property, you provide a convenient link to your TripAdvisor page right under their thumb, increasing your reviews.

8. Prestige and Image

prestigeAny hotel that has an app immediately commands in the mind of the customer a high level of prestige. It is mostly subconscious, but the image your guests have of your company is immediately elevated and strengthened by the convenience you’ve provided with your app.

9. Strengthening Customer and Brand Loyalty

BrandingOffering a hotel app can strengthen both customer loyalty and brand loyalty. A mobile app can integrate a guest loyalty program (GLP) where hotel guests can collect points for their bookings and hotel stays, which can then be changed into rewards. Furthermore, hotel guests can be encouraged to give feedback via an integrated review function. This way, hotels can collect their own hotel reviews directly from their guests. Utilizing functions such as GLP, loyalty bonuses, and hotel ratings positively affect customer loyalty and strengthen brand loyalty. Providing a comprehensive app for your guests clearly communicates to them you care about them and their stay at your property.

10. Building Long-Term Relationships

love customersKeep in contact with your previous guests. You can send them updates on current rates and specials, an invitation to an event, or even a birthday greeting. Give them the reason and opportunity to book directly with your hotel again. The better the relationship with your guests, the more they are likely to recommend you to their colleagues, friends and family members.

11. NFC Technology

Without a doubt the next generation of hotel locks will are Near Field Communications (NFC) locks. Your app can be used as an electronic key, providing guests easy access to their room or suite. When you are ready to put NFC technology in the hands of your guests you will guarantee that every guest downloads your app, as that is how they get into their room.

12. We Live In a Mobile World

You will provide your guests with today’s preferred method of interaction and acquiring information. We already are well accustomed to using apps in our everyday lives.

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