Cyber Coups Inc. is a division of Resort Applications International Inc. It is through Cyber Coups Inc. that we can deliver such a high quality app to your property at our expense.

Couponing is a multibillion-dollar industry just in the U.S. alone and many guests will value and appreciate you providing them with discounts at area activities and restaurants.

By having your hotel’s app loaded with great discounts it provides guests a much greater incentive to use your app. We want your guests to become accustomed to utilizing your app so when it comes time to rebook they will do so with your app because of the special rate only available with your app.

Through Cyber Coups Inc., we acquire the local discounts and offers, making it look to your guests that your company has gone through the time and expense to provide these local discounts for them. Paper coupons are very archaic as access through smart phones is without a doubt the best delivery method available today and smart phone usage is primarily through the use of applications or apps.