RAI App Features & Functions

Since your properties app is customizable you may choose to select certain features and functions from this list or all of them. This by no means a complete list and we look forward to you, your staff and your guests’ suggestions.

Booking Engine Link

Provide a link to your booking engine to compliment your direct reservation strategy circumventing OTA fees.

Comprehensive Push Notifications

Send Push Notifications to guests who are on property and different kind of Push Notification to guests who are not on property.

*Note: All properties with onsite F&B that have the ability to send messages to guest’s mobile devises see immediate increases in their F&B sales.

Guest Reminders

Notify guests when their room is ready and when it’s checkout time.

SMS Messaging

Provide two-way SMS messaging. Guests can communicate any desire to your staff with the “Service Request” section.

Guests can choose whether they want a response, giving them the ability to send anonymous messages to you or your staff.

*Note: With all guest communication staff cannot delete or edit anything. All messages are time stamped as to when they arrived and what the response was and how long it took staff to respond.

In-House Reservations

Ability to make a reservation with your restaurant, spa or any other service you would like to provide your guest.

At-A-Glance Guest Info

Provide your Wi Fi Code, and “In-room” guest directory on your app.

Provide a list  of all your property’s amenities.

Provide your guests with directions to, or back to, your property, as your address link will open your guests default map program providing them GPS directions.

“Call Us” links to your front desk or any number you like from three different areas on your app.

Provide expandable maps of your property.

Social Media & Reviews

Provide convenient links to your company’s social media platforms, Trip Advisor (read reviews and write reviews pages), links to your website and/or other reviews or articles about your establishment.

Further utilize your professional gallery photos to link to your guest’s social media platforms.

Area Activities

*Note: The following functions are endless. You choose what you want to provide your guests. These lists, with phone number, website, and direction links can be to parks, museums, local grocery stores etc. The following four are the most popular.

Provide a convenient list of local restaurants. attractions. and local shopping venues.

Provide a list of your areas transportation venues. These can be to airports, scooter rentals, public transportation, bicycle rentals etc.

Local Search

The “Area Info” search section, which unbeknown to your guests, is powered by Google. So all the information contained on Google comes through your app.

QR Code

Provide a QR (Quick Response) code to your guests for fast downloading of your app.

NFC Technology

NFC (Near Field Communication) locks. Your app integrates with all NFC lock platforms.

*Note: Properties that provide an app to their guests have proven that there is up to a 75% reduction in repetitive questions to front desk staff.

Here is what Fortune had to say on the topic of creating an app for your property. The first sentence or two says it all.


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